DOCVILLE is a festival dedicated to documentary film, with a strong focus on national and international author driven cinema. Films that not only appeal to the head but also the heart, made by directors with personality and vision. Films that deserve the big screen.


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Jury award for Best International Documentary

Janus Metz en Sine Plambech

Purchase by Canvas
Ths award is Academy Award Qualifying

Honorable mention for Minding the Gap van Bing Liu

Jury: Hendrik Verthé (BE), Kathy Brew (US), Peter Lataster (NL)

Jury Award for best ConScience Documentary

Nanfu Wang & Jialing Zhang

€ 1500 given by Docville.

Jury: Andreas Rocksén (SE), Anna Bertholet (FR) en Frank Theys (BE)

Jury Award for Best Belgian Documentary

by Ben Asamoah

€2000 given by Sabam.
Honorable mention for Inclusief by Ellen Vermeulen
Jury: Liz McIntyre (UK), Tim De Keersmaecker (BE) en  Tom Bleyaert (BE)

Audience Award

Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi


2. Will Tura: Hoop Doet Leven - 95,8%
3. The Biggest Little Farm - 94,5%
4. Gods Of Molenbeek - 94,4%
5. RBG - 93,1%
6. Minding The Gap - 92,0%
7. Cold Case Hammarskjold - 91,8%
8. Marianne & Leonard - 91,0%
9. Tea With The Dames - 90,0%
10. They Shall Not Grow Old - 89,4%