Behind the CurveDaniel J. Clark

People often laugh at them, the so-called flat-earthers: the people who believe inexorably that the earth is not spherical but flat. And yet the number of followers continues to grow. With an open mind, director Daniel J. Clark presents the supporters and their arguments to you in this funny, but also intriguing documentary. Can they convince you?

For most people worldwide there is no doubt: the earth is a globular planet. However, there is a small, but growing group that is convinced that this common view is the result of a global conspiracy that hides the truth. The truth that the earth is flat. They see themselves as the ‘truly critical' freethinkers who do not just go along with what is being dictated. In their eyes they are the only ones who are not blinded by the organizations that hold the reins, like NASA and the CIA. A respectful look behind the scenes at one of the largest flat earth organizations, with its colorful figures, amazing arguments and literally incredible theories.

Wetenschap Mild komisch Kritisch denken USA Nederlands gesproken of ondertiteld

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Daniel J. Clark
2018 96 min.
Subtitles: Dutch




Daniel J. Clark

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Delta-v Productions


Nick Andert


Bryan Ricker

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