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100 years ago an incredible scene took place in Bisbee, a small town close to the Mexican border: over 1200 immigrants were brutally taken to the desert by the local sheriff and his supporters and left for dead. Filmmaker Robert Greene, together with the current residents, takes on this black page from their history by recreating it. A creative, compelling documentary that brings past and present together in a smart way.

The New York Times put Bisbee '17 on their list of the very best 10 films of 2018 - on (a shared) first place. A huge honor, more than deserved. Bisbee '17 is an exceptional documentary that not only presents an important unprecedented piece of history, but at the same time points to contemporary issues such as immigration and trade union protests. Robert Greene is one of the most creative contemporary documentary makers who often works 'outside the box'. By ingeniously playing with the concept of 're-enacting' he brings present and past closer together. In his earlier hybrid documentaries Actress and Kate Plays Christine, an actress became the ideal tool to make a very complex case clear. Our understanding of an event from the past does not simply consist of a list of facts. It is full of assumptions and prejudices from the present. With Bisbee '17, Greene has truly outdone himself.

Visually stunning Historical documentary Remarkable stories USA

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Robert Greene
2018 112 min.
No subtitles


International selection


Robert Greene


Bennett Elliott, Susan Bedusa, Douglas Tirola

Production company

Doc Society


Jarred Alterman


Robert Greene


Keegan DeWitt

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