Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger AilesAlexis Bloom

It is no coincidence that the right-wing conservative Fox News has become a breeding ground for fake news and is one of the causes of the rise of new, highly conservative movements. On the contrary, it has all happened by design. It fits in the vision of Roger Ailes, who has been the head of Fox News for twenty years. Ailes' predilection for sensational news and polarization perfectly match his own turbulent career. A staggering look at (the lack of) moral limits in the media.

For several decades, Roger Ailes was active as CEO of Fox News and Fox Television Stations. Like no other, he could give news a sensational twist to appeal to the taste for drama in his audience - a tactic he also applied as a media consultant for Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr. and Trump, among others. In Divide and Conquer, witnesses describe how he made his own persona as impressive as that of his clients. His cunning approach made him incredibly influential in the media world, he was known as 'the most powerful man in the media'. But it is clear that he also offended many people and crossed many lines: he was accused, among other things, of racism and sexual harassment. On the basis of Ailes' life, the documentary takes a critical look at themes such as sexism, manipulation and especially the moral limits of different media.

Media Politiek USA

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Alexis Bloom
2018 107 min.
No subtitles


Press under pressure | Weten & Geweten


Alexis Bloom

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A&E IndieFilms, Jigsaw Production, Baird Films


Charlotte Kaufman, Antonio Rossi


Pax Wassermann


Will Bates

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