Don't Be a Dick About ItBenjamin Mullinkosson

This hilarious and intimate portrait of two impetuous teen brothers won the coveted audience award at IDFA. The audience fell in love with slightly autistic Peter and his brother Matthew. They both have red hair, but are otherwise very different: Peter is obsessed with Expedition Robinson and constantly votes off family members, while Matthew mainly wants to get rid of his fear of dogs. During one summer, the film records the charm of their fraternal love-hate relationship.

Peter is hyperactive, an extrovert and thinks of himself and the rest of the family as participants in the television program Expedition Robinson (Survivor). Every day he plays the elimination rounds according to a fixed ritual. His younger brother Matthew is more mature and often bewildered or embarrassed by his energetic, crazy brother. The film follows their daily lives, with occasional violent quarrels but above all a warm and cozy family life. As much as they like to poke fun at each other, they accept each other's shortcomings. Debuting director Ben Mullinkosson brings the story about the brothers in an airy and open way. He avoids a 'fly-on-the-wall' approach and we regularly hear him give comments or see him appear in mirrors. A film that balances between an observing documentary and home movie and brings a loving ode to youth and family life - no matter how intense, crazy and wry it may be…

Mildly comical Health Psychology Education Portret

This screening will be preceeded by the short documentary

Mind My Mind
Floor Adams Nederland 30 min.

Hoe kan je in deze wereld overleven als je niet van je sociale scripts durft af te wijken? En hoe versier je een meisje als je eigenlijk stiekem geobsedeerd bent door duikbommenwerpers? Mind My Mind is een film over hoe het hebben van het Aspergersyndroom je sociale leven en liefdes leven beïnvloedt. Deze grappige en pakkende kortfilm biedt een inzicht in de autistische geest, een must-see voor iedereen om deze abstracte wereld beter te leren begrijpen.

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Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Benjamin Mullinkosson
2018 69 min.
No subtitles


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Benjamin Mullinkosson

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Benjamin Mullinkosson


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