Ferenj: A Graphic MemoirAinslee A. Robson

The personal memories of the Ethiopian-American director and her inner struggle with her dual identity are perfectly captured with a special visual technique. The images of people and places are made up of countless colored spheres, which slowly dissolve as you get closer. As elusive and fleeting as memories themselves.

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a rewarding medium for documentary makers: it offers an unparalleled experience that literally immerses the viewer in an unfamiliar reality. This year DOCVILLE selected three short documentaries on the theme of belonging and searching for your identity.

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Directed by Ainslee A. Robson
U.S., Ethiopia
2020 9 min.
No subtitles


Short docs | Virtual Reality


Ainslee A. Robson


Ainslee Robson

Production company

Ainslee Robson, Liam Young


Wilbur Kosart, Anwar Kedir, Nahom T. Haile, Senait Shiferaw Robson, e.a


Ainslee Robson


Francis Falceto, Kibrom Birhane

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