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Award-winning documentary filmmaker Alan Berliner collected more than 10,000 clipped and carefully cataloged photographs from The New York Times. Based on these photos, the director tells the history of his city, his own story and that of his impressive archive. A playful film essay in which a news junkie pays tribute to a time when news reports had not yet been devalued into fleeting snapshots of time.

In his funny and concerned voice-over, Berliner addresses the news consumer in the distant future, for whom the newspaper is probably an unfamiliar concept. He browses through his collection of photos that he cut from The New York Times for forty years and then archived through an ingenious system. The thousands of images are a monument to a medium that, according to Berliner, is threatened from all sides, including by the digital revolution and world leaders who call journalists the enemy of the people. "When I started collecting the photos, the word 'fake' was reserved for fur coats and art forgeries." The value of news reports and journalistic photos now seems so devalued that a farewell is necessary.

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For documentary makers, 'found footage' is an inexhaustible source of material. This 'found footage' may consist of archive footage or recent film footage shot for another purpose. But how do you use it? DOCVILLE selected a few documentaries that manage to incorporate archive images in their film in a compelling and original way. Let’s get creative with archives!

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Directed by Alan Berliner
2019 88 min.
No subtitles


Fond of Footage


Alan Berliner


Alan Berliner

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Alan Berliner for Experiments in Time, Light & Motion


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