SingleWillemijn Goos / Marjon Moed / Leon Zervos

Marjon is 32 years old, single, and hates questions like "But why are you single?". She hates them so much that she made Single, a 4-part series in which she, together with a number of experts, answers a number of these questions: is she missing out as a single person? Why doesn’t she have a partner? Is it her own fault, or are there just no good men for her? Especially for DOCVILLE the four episodes have been assembled into one story.

Finding a life partner seems to come so easily to some, while others never manage. The Dutch Marjon Moed notices that she is treated differently because she still has no partner at the age of thirty-two. She wonders why she is seen as the big exception in a society that seems to be built for couples. She notices, for example, that it is almost impossible for her to buy a house as a single. Is that fair? In the four-part documentary Single, which is screened exclusively as a full-length film at Docville, Marjon takes a look at herself and her life. She meets with a dating coach, a therapist, a number of 'near-exes', her friends and a whole group of other singles. The viewer joins her in her quest for answers: why is she single? Why is that bad? Is it her own fault? And above all: what can she do to find a partner?

Dutch spoken or subtitled Portret Love Mildly comical

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Willemijn Goos / Marjon Moed / Leon Zervos
2018 39 min.
No subtitles


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Willemijn Goos / Marjon Moed / Leon Zervos

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BNN Vara

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