The BrinkAlison Klayman

This fly-on-the-wall documentary follows Steve Bannon, the controversial ex-advisor to President Donald Trump. The impact of the former head strategist of the White House penetrates deep into Europe, even into Belgium. Bannon, after all, fights for a populist world revolution and tries to mobilize and unite extreme right-wing parties for the elections of the European Parliament in 2019.

When Bannon left his position as chief strategist of President Trump in August 2017, his game was not over. On the contrary. The fact that he no longer exercised this important official function gave him more freedom. The man who, like no other, can promote himself through controversy, turned his gaze beyond the American borders, towards Europe. The Brink follows Bannon during the 2018 midterm elections in the US and sheds light on his efforts to mobilize European right-wing extremist parties. He sees himself as the leader of a worldwide populist movement and tries to unite right-wing extremists from UKIP to Vlaams Belang in order to win seats at the European parliamentary elections in May 2019. Director Alison Klayman (Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry) offers an unseen immersion in the world of one of the most bizarre influential characters of our time.

Politiek Media Sterke Verhalen USA

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Alison Klayman
2019 91 min.
No subtitles


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Alison Klayman

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Marie Therese


Alison Klayman


Brian Goetz, Marina Katz

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