The Man who Looked beyond the HorizonMartijn Blekendaal

A real adventure. Many dream of it, but few really go for it. Over 40 years ago, Bas Jan started his big adventure: with a tiny sailboat he wanted to sail from America to England. Months later, his boat was found at sea. Without Bas Jan. Filmmaker Martijn Blekendaal finds out what happened.

Filmmaker Martijn Blekendaal first heard the story of the missing Bas Jan when he was still quite young. It always fascinated him. Not just the disappearance itself, but the mystery surrounding it. After all, there were a lot of question marks surrounding his disappearance on the Atlantic. The filmmaker tries to find out what happened, but also what drove Bas Jan to undertake this great adventure. What encouraged him to go on such a dangerous journey? Wasn’t he afraid? Did he do it to become famous? To understand Bas Jan, Blekendaal must overcome his old fears: his must also dare to look beyond his own horizon. His research takes Blekendaal to Hollywood. And he discovers that Bas Jan has left something even more special than just a mystery. A smooth, exciting and fascinating documentary for young people between 9 and 15 years old.

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Directed by Martijn Blekendaal
2018 26 min.

No subtitles


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Martijn Blekendaal

Production company

Cerutti Film


Pim Hawinkels


Finbar Wilbrink

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