The Silence of OthersRobert Bahar, Almudena Carracedo

For almost 40 years General Franco ruled Spain with an iron fist. A bloody past that many Spaniards prefer not to discuss. However, several surviving relatives want to break this silence. A disconcerting documentary about a period that still divides the country - after decades of democracy.

In 1977, two years after the death of Franco, an amnesty law was passed that is still in force. It prohibits any legal action in connection with the torture, oppression and murder of an estimated 100,000 people during the Franco regime. But in this imposed silence many victims find no peace. For six years, The Silence of Others follows relatives who fight against the denial of crimes against humanity imposed by the state. A gripping documentary that is an important step in the recovery of a past that is not over yet.

Historical documentary Dutch spoken or subtitled

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Robert Bahar, Almudena Carracedo
VS, Spanje, Frankrijk
2018 96 min.

No subtitles


Docville @ Canvas


Robert Bahar, Almudena Carracedo

Production company

Semilla Verde Productions Ltd., Lucernam Films S.L.


Almudena Carracedo


Kim Roberts, Ricardo Acosta

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