Three Identical StrangersTim Wardle

Long Island, 1961. Triplets Bobby, Eddy and David are separated from each other right after their birth. They spend their childhood in different adoptive families and don’t know about each other's existence. Chance unexpectedly brings them together. The film shows how these brothers discover each other at age 19 and investigates why they were separated at birth. A disturbing story of a concealed study that has many secrets to this day.

When Bobby first goes to university, he receives a remarkably loving welcome. People wave at him, total strangers throw their arms around him. Not much later he finds out the shocking explanation behind their behavior. Bobby has a twin brother Eddy, who took classes there a year earlier. An extraordinary coincidence of fate. Their story becomes even more absurd when a third brother, David, is discovered. The media can’t get enough of this exceptional event. But after the joy and surprise, questions arise about their separation, leading to the discovery of a secret study. It turns out that their adoption agency had an agreement with psychiatrist Peter Neubauer to split up twins and triplets for a study within the nature-nurture debate. A grim discovery that takes a gripping look at family, free will and the ethics of science. Three Identical Strangers is one of the "golden three" of 2018: documentaries that have earned over 10 million dollars at the US box office. A justified audience favorite.

Sterke Verhalen USA

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Tim Wardle
2018 96 min.
No subtitles




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