Where the Wind BlewAndre Singer

Where The Wind Blew paints a picture of the arms race during the Cold War, and its consequences that carry much further than you would think. The nuclear weapons had to be tested and many tests took place in Kazakhstan. The people, however, revolted and it became the first country to obtain a ban on nuclear testing. This touching story is told by victims, witnesses and activists.

For forty years, the people of Kazakhstan were victims of the arms race between the then USSR and the United States. Nuclear weapons were tested non-stop on the Semipalatinsk site. With the help of touching testimonies and archival footage Where The Wind Blew tells the story of how citizens joined forces to stand up for themselves. They fought a battle to ban the terrible tests, a daring battle against their own government and the US. In 1989 Kazakhstan eventually became the first country to ban nuclear weapons testing. However, the story does not end there: the traumatic traces of the nuclear weapons remain visible. Moreover, the survivors are painfully aware that the arms race may have started again, and that nuclear weapons are still being built around the world.

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Andre Singer
Kazachstan, VK, VS
2017 75 min.
No subtitles


Artist in focus


Andre Singer


Richard Melman

Production company

Spring Films


Richard Blanshard


Gregers Sall, Chris Wyatt

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