A New Kind of WildernessSilje Evensmo Jacobsen

A wild and free life in nature.  That is what Maria and Nik dreamed of before moving into a remote farmhouse in the Norwegian forest, where they now live with four children. All goes well until disaster strikes and they are forced to move to the city. An intimate documentary that won the Grand Jury Prize for international documentary at Sundance.

To make ends meet, Maria occasionally works as a photographer. She also records her family's extraordinary life and shares it on her blog Wildandfree. Unexpectedly, Maria falls ill and dies fairly quickly. Life will never be the same after that. Her death leaves the family facing big changes. Nik is forced to sell the farm and reluctantly he and his children have to let go of their isolated lifestyle and become part of modern society. The three youngest siblings stay with Nik, while their half-sister Ronja goes to live with her father in the city. Ronja tries desperately to reconnect with her siblings and 10-year-old Freja becomes the rock of the family, taking care of her younger brothers and father.  All the while, Maria's photos and stories keep her memories alive and connect her to the family.

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International selection

After a rigorous selection process, DOCVILLE nominated ten brand new auteur documentaries that represent what the festival stands for: excellently made documentaries that are not only strong in terms of content, but also have an eye for the visual aspect and therefore deserve a place on the big screen.  The best film will be awarded the Canvas Jury Prize and may start dreaming of an Oscar, because the winner of this competition will be longlisted for the Academy Awards.

Family Nature Society Coming of age

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Directed by Silje Evensmo Jacobsen
2024 84 min.
English, Norwegian
Subtitles: English


International selection


Silje Evensmo Jacobsen


Mari Bakke Riise

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