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Artificial intelligence (AI) is already an integral part of our lives. In social life, the economy, healthcare, the military, traffic and education...there are more and more - sometimes unexpected - applications in all areas. And the end is nowhere near, the potential is enormous. An enlightening documentary that looks at both the present and the future of AI, but also asks questions about potential pitfalls. Should we set a boundary at some point or completely put our trust in AI? Will we gradually become superhumans, or will we instead lose control of our own destiny? 

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The brand-new ScienceVille component is the final piece of an evolution of many years within DOCVILLE, linking the general public's interest in science with quality scientific documentaries. As a full-fledged festival-within-a-festival not only documentaries are screened, but there are many surrounding activities: lectures and workshops for the public, children, filmmakers and scientists, live experiments, an exhibition on Artificial Intelligence ánd we present the National Lottery Award for Best Scientific Documentary. DOCVILLE welcomes you to ScienceVille.

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The screening on 27.03 is followed bv a DOCVILLE Plus Panel Talk - AIAIAI Live Podcast


Directed by Ana Montserrat
2020 61 min.
English, Spanish
Subtitles: English




Ana Montserrat


Ana Montserrat

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