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Quantum scientist and former hacker Stephanie Wehner believes the revolutionary quantum internet is possible before 2030. Building an internet based on quantum bits could well be one of the most revolutionary projects of the coming decades.

In 1969 the first message was successfully sent on the internet, heralding a revolution in communication technology. Today, we are on the eve of a new revolution: that of the quantum internet, a fundamentally new way of communicating which relies on the laws of quantum mechanics and is inherently secure, inherently stable and incredibly efficient. This paves the way for applications that haven’t even been thought of yet.

Quantum scientist and former hacker Stephanie Wehner is on a mission to develop the first operational quantum internet network before 2030. A daunting task, which some would even call crazy, but Wehner believes it can be done – not only by writing scientific articles, but simply by building it.

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Directed by Sara Kolster
The Netherlands
2024 90 min.
No subtitles




Sara Kolster


Ammodo Docs, Basalt

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