ANHELL69Theo Montoya

A funeral car drives through the streets of Medellín as a young director recounts his past in this violent and conservative city. He recalls the production of his first film, a B-movie with ghosts. The film seems cursed, when the lead actor dies of a heroin overdose at age 21. And he won't be the last. Ghosts do seem to be the common thread in the life of the filmmaker, who becomes increasingly obsessed with them. A brooding, bizarre, but intriguing portrait of a man for whom reality becomes imbued with fantasy.

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Outside the Dox is home to a wide array of documentaries that deviate from the classic approach. Colorful films that experiment with form or content, broadening and enriching the genre. There are non-narrative films that immerse viewers in a special universe, be it a cowshed or a Russian subway. There are also very creative films that make you think about bigger issues like capitalism in China or the alarming militarization of the US security forces.

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Directed by Theo Montoya
Colombia, Romania, France, Germany
2022 72 min.
Subtitles: English


Outside the dox


Theo Montoya


Theo Montoya

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