Anthropocene: The Human EpochJennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky, Nicholas de Pencier

Using breathtaking footage, three award-winning directors illustrate the hypothesis that we have entered a new geological era: an age that - for the first time - is not determined by natural factors, but by human activity. A wonderful cinematographic testimony about the extensive human impact on our planet.

Anthropocene is the third part of the trilogy including Watermark (2013) and Manufactered Landscapes (2006). With dazzling photography, the camera records how big the human impact on earth is, in the most literal sense: from the immense concrete sea defenses in China through psychedelic mines in the Russian Ural Mountains to the surreal lithium ponds in the Atacama desert. The directors are amazingly good at getting us to look at our world differently: from a neutral point of view, as if we were looking at the impact the human species has on the earth with extraterrestrial eyes. Without any explicit judgment, we witness an overwhelming beauty, but also the sobering scale of our impact.

Visually stunning Ecology Economy

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky, Nicholas de Pencier
2018 87 min.
No subtitles


International selection


Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky, Nicholas de Pencier

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