Brussels Wild - De terugkeer van de roekenBernard Crutzen

Bring out your inner birdwatcher! Discover what birds are hiding in our Brussels capital. Maybe you'll spot a pitch-black crow, a stately heron, cute sparrows or even a green parakeet? And if you're really lucky, you might spot a giant rook that hasn't been seen for over 50 years. The film is narrated by biologist and journalist Dirk Draulans.

In 2011, a number of rook pairs nestled in the Belgian capital, meaning the bird species have come back to our region after an absence of 50 years. Enough reasons for filmmaker Bernard Crutzen to examine the Brussels animal kingdom for a second time, after his first documentary (Brussels Wild), this time focussing on animals in the sky. He looks for wild birds in Brussels and examines their relationship with the inhabitants of the city. Apart from a small crow population in Ganshoren, he discovers herons, sparrows, swifts, falcons, parakeets and even storks.

Nature Ecology

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Directed by Bernard Crutzen
2024 52 min.
No subtitles

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Bernard Crutzen

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