Chelsea's BluesDanny Keuppens, Warre Keuppens

Not long after her birth, Chelsea was placed in a juvenile institution. At 19-year-old, she reconnects with people who have been important to her: her juvenile court judge, the farmer where she sometimes worked, a former neighbour, her best friend, her father ... Over the course of these meetings, she tries to learn more about who she was, but also who she is now and the wo she wants to become.

Chelsea Smekens-Demedts made this hopeful documentary about growing up in youth welfare together with supervisor Danny Keuppens and his son Warre. It turned out to be the ultimate way to look back upon her turbulent life in a new and healthy way. Through this film Chelsea aims to spread the message: "Don't just look at the behaviour of troublesome young people, but listen to their story and never give up on a happy ending."

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Belgian selection

DOCVILLE presents the best Belgian documentaries of the past year in a very varied selection: compelling stories about people who live for their passion, whether it be cycling, circuit riding or mermaids, but also socially probing stories about illegal adoption, the dangers of criticism under Putin, the link between jazz and decolonization or the abominable conditions in Vorst prison. Finally, there are also films with a more philosophical angle on the transience of the human body or the impact of imaging. The best film may call itself the winner of the Jury Prize for Best Belgian Documentary.

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The screening of 26.03 will be following by an Q&A by the director (in Dutch)


Directed by Danny Keuppens, Warre Keuppens
2023 58 min.
Subtitles: Dutch


Belgian selection


Danny Keuppens, Warre Keuppens

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