Coral CityCharlotte De Cort, Camille Ghekiere

Together with a Belgian research team, a young Sri Lankan scientist and mother tries to uncover the secret of migrating coral larvae, in order to protect the coral reefs and people of her country.

Together with a Belgian research team, Kushlani Dissanayake, a young Sri Lankan scientist and mother, goes on an expedition in the waters around Sri Lanka in order to collect crucial information to protect these coral reefs from perishing. Gathering DNA-samples of corals, she tries to uncover the distribution patterns of the coral populations and their larvae. Through the professional endeavour and personal story of Kushlani, we discover the deep waters around Sri Lanka, as well as her view on motherhood, human kind and a theory on ‘the survival of the kindest’.

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Directed by Charlotte De Cort, Camille Ghekiere
2024 21 min.
Singalese, English
Subtitles: Dutch, English


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Charlotte De Cort, Camille Ghekiere

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