D+ AI: dream or nightmare?

Should we be afraid of artificial intelligence (AI)? Which applications are already available and what is in the pipeline? Could this technology go too far? Should we be concerned or is it just a matter of learning to live with a new technology?

Following the film The Brain.


These talks will be in Dutch.


In collaboration with KU Leuven.


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Docville PLUS

In recent years, DOCVILLE has made a name for itself by offering in-depth content about various topics and cinematic concepts. In addition to film screenings with Q&A’s, there are the DOCVILLE+ sessions: debates and panel discussions on current themes in response to a film on the programme. This year DOCVILLE is happy to collaborate even more extensively with our partner Canvas.

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DOCVILLE PLUS takes place at mon 28.03 om 22:00 in ZED-Vesalius
Atttending DOCVILLE PLUS is free of charge, when fully booked, priority is given to those with a valid ticket of the documentary associated with this DOCVILLE+.



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