Dag MaMarie De Hert, Ellen Pollard

Mother Irene (103) and daughter Yvette (62) are inseparable. Because Yvette has a mental disability, she is allowed to live with her elderly mother in an assisted care center. But Irene's advanced age inevitably raises questions about what to do with Yvette when her mother dies. Sometimes delightfully roguish, sometimes intensely moving, this intimate portrait paints a unique mother-daughter relationship full of love, tenderness and family joy, even in the later stages of life.

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Belgian selection

DOCVILLE presents the ten best Belgian documentaries of the past year. Films that capture special places in our country, such as a small pigsty or an operating room where hypnosis is used, but also films that look beyond national borders and zoom in on, for example, Iceland, Congo, Ireland or Turkey. Documentaries made by familiar faces or by young newcomers. The strongest film will be announced the winner of the Jury Prize for Best Belgian Documentary.
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The screening of 25.03 will be followed by a Q&A with the directors


Directed by Marie De Hert, Ellen Pollard
2023 72 min.
Subtitles: English


Belgian selection


Marie De Hert, Ellen Pollard


Ilse Schooneknaep, Isabelle Baele

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