Day of the Doc

Professional documentary filmmakers traditionally gather on the last day of DOCVILLE for the annual Day of the Doc. An engaging round-up of the state of Flemish documentary films with time to reflect on some interesting issues.

Our program for this year:

9:30 - Reception with Coffee & Tea
10:00 - Unfinished Sympathies
What's the best documentary you haven't made? What was the idea and where did it go wrong? Funding not getting off the ground, post-production disrupting the process or a distributor dropping out; all stories that are rarely told. Filmmakers tell about their failures and blunders, because we might learn more from those than from the successes.
12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - Copyright through the eyes of documentary filmmakers
Copyright raises many questions. New forms of collaboration and new technologies necessitate rethinking the concept in the heavily underfunded documentary film sector.
15:30 - State of the Doc and Beyond
What is the state of the Flemish author's documentary? And what does its future look like: how can we as stakeholders work together to build a viable ecosystem for the genre? An open conversation.
17:00 - Masterclass Ben Bernhard
The documentary record of cinematographer Ben Bernhard is impressive. He has worked with award-winning directors such as Victor Kossakovsky (Aquarella, ¡Vivan las antípodas!) and Pernille Rose Grønkjær (Solutions, Hunting for Hedonia). This year he even earned an Oscar nomination for his contribution to the film All That Breathes. A master class from a true master cinematographer in the world of docu.


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