De geheimen van de oermensJacques Malaterre, Yves Coppens

Are you ready for a spectacular journey to a time where giant animals roamed the Asian jungle? In this unique docufiction filmmaker Jacques Malaterre takes you to a prehistoric China, using beautiful 3D animations. 

The docufiction The Last Secrets of Humankind takes you back to the Chinese prehistory, when the first humans cohabitated with gigantic animals and plants that have long since gone extinct. Using beautiful imagery and unique 3D animations, the documentary makers bring prehistoric China back to life. All the images and content of the documentary were truthfully based on the latest scientific discoveries and techniques. An opportunity to discover the best-kept secrets of our planet's history.

Science Nature Historical documentary

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Directed by Jacques Malaterre, Yves Coppens
2023 96 min.
No subtitles

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Jacques Malaterre, Yves Coppens


Victor Robert

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