Double TakeJohan Grimonprez

Johan Grimonprez casts Alfred Hitchcock as a paranoid history professor, getting unwillingly involved in another perspective on the Cold War era. A very creative collage film where images of the legendary director, his doppelganger and his films are fascinatingly placed in a parallel with historical events.

By using meticulously chosen images and with The Birds as essential metaphor, Grimonprez tells a layered story about the American search for an enemy after the Fall of the Iron Curtain, about the ambiguity of love and murder in Hitchcock’s thrillers and the continuous stream of images in our times. A groundbreaking archive film confirming Grimonprez as an idiosyncratic video artist.


Two shorts by Johan Grimonprez are screened before the main film:

from SATIN ISLAND [ in collaboration with Tom McCarthy ]2015, 3min

Hitchcock didn't have a Belly Button [ Karen Black interview by Johan Grimonprez ]. 2009, 1min10, soundpiece 


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Artist in focus Johan Grimonprez

The rave international reviews of his latest film do not lie: Johan Grimonprez is renowned worldwide as a video artist who knows how to interweave exceptional visual material with a profound social analysis in a highly creative manner. His feature debut Dial H.I.S.T.O.R.Y had its world premiere in 1997 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and became a major festival hit. Double Take (2009), Shadow World (2016), Blue Orchids (2017) and Soundtrack to a Coup d'Etat (2024) each confirmed his unique talent. As Artist in Focus, DOCVILLE will show a compilation of his work and the director will bring a Master Talk to the festival.

Essay Historical documentary Politics

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Directed by Johan Grimonprez
2009 80 min.
Subtitles: Dutch


Artist in focus Johan Grimonprez


Johan Grimonprez

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