Draw for Change - Tree of Violence (Rusland)Ana Mosienko

For the past decade, cartoonist Victoria Lomasko has devoted herself to meticulously capturing Putin's Russia. However, as Putin launches a "military operation" in Ukraine and demonises Russian dissidents, Lomasko realises that she will not be able to continue her work in Russia.

In six episodes, the Draw for Change series zooms in on women cartoonists from around the world who challenge boundaries and norms in their societies. Starring Russian artist Victoria Lomasko, the film starkly reveals the impact of Putin's power on the daily lives of cartoonists.  Just a year before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she embarks on an in-depth investigation into the intricate links between domestic and state-sponsored violence. She creates a historical narrative stretching from the protest winter of 2021 to the tragic winter of 2022, distilling her discoveries into what would become her most ambitious mural yet.


Before and after the screening, you can experience the VR experience Existimos Resistimos, created for the Draw for Change series (free of charge, in the same venue)

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This screening will be followed by a panel with director Ana Mosienko, artist Victoria Lomasko and Prof Ria Laenen (KU Leuven), moderated by Prof Pieter Boulogne (KU Leuven).


Directed by Ana Mosienko
2023 81 min.
Subtitles: English


Belgian selection


Ana Mosienko

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Clin d'oeil films

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