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In the Catalan forest, shepherd Valeriano picks up a stray goat. On their way back to the herd, they pass a high-tech laboratory where scientists feverishly search for a Covid vaccine.  A light-hearted but perceptive documentary about two vastly different worlds that are two sides of the same coin.

Spanish director Pau Faus beautifully juxtaposes two vastly different worlds without falling into an overly simplified good/bad opposition. The contemporary relationship between humans and animals is more complex than that. Shepherd Valeriano, for instance, has a joint disease that causes him a lot of pain. He could never sustain his current, idyllic life without the many pills he takes, pills presumably developed in a a science lab. Julia reveals that the lab, while chilly, is also filled with deeply humane passion and frustration from the desperate hunt to find a vaccine. Seamless transitions from one world to another highlight the absurdity and provide a fascinating reflection on the many contradictions in the relationship between humans, science and nature.

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After a rigorous selection process, DOCVILLE nominated ten brand new auteur documentaries that represent what the festival stands for: excellently made documentaries that are not only strong in terms of content, but also have an eye for the visual aspect and therefore deserve a place on the big screen.  The best film will be awarded the Canvas Jury Prize and may start dreaming of an Oscar, because the winner of this competition will be longlisted for the Academy Awards.

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Directed by Pau Faus
2023 74 min.
Catalan, Spanish
Subtitles: English


International selection


Pau Faus


Sergi Cameron Tapia

Production company

Nanouk Films


Carlota Serarols


Julia R. Aymar

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