Ghost ParticleGeneva Guerin

A neutrino: one of the most intriguing elementary particles in physics. So small that they pass through the entire earth in a fraction of a second without anything getting in their way, (almost) without mass and extremely difficult to detect. But perhaps the key to answering life's big questions. What happened immediately after the Big Bang? How did we - and everything we see in the universe - come into existence? This science documentary follows international efforts to fathom neutrinos - the tiniest of everything we know - with perhaps the largest experiment ever.

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The brand-new ScienceVille component is the final piece of an evolution of many years within DOCVILLE, linking the general public's interest in science with quality scientific documentaries. As a full-fledged festival-within-a-festival not only documentaries are screened, but there are many surrounding activities: lectures and workshops for the public, children, filmmakers and scientists, live experiments, an exhibition on Artificial Intelligence ánd we present the National Lottery Award for Best Scientific Documentary. DOCVILLE welcomes you to ScienceVille.

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The screening of 26.03 will be led by Cassandra Van der Sijpt (PhD candidate in theoretical astrophysics, KU Leuven).


Directed by Geneva Guerin
2021 62 min.
Subtitles: English




Geneva Guerin


Geneva Guerin


Geneva Guerin

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