Girl GangSusanne Regina Meures

Leonie is a child of her time: social media is essential in her live. Leonie has millions of followers on Instagram, the ultimate dream of many teenagers. Her life seems perfect and her parents happily join the story. An intimate insight into a world where growing up is exciting, but also chaotic and at times terrifying.

Leonie is a 14-year-old influencer from Berlin. At first glance, her life is perfect. She has millions of followers on social media and plenty of companies willing to sponsor her and send her free products. Convinced of the economic potential, her parents take over her management. But the pressure to create content and the grip that brands get over her are slowly turning her life into a personal prison. Susanne Regina Meures documents how Leonie navigate a virtual world overflowing with choices and filled with unattainable ideals of beauty and social status.

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Directed by Susanne Regina Meures
2022 96 min.
Subtitles: English




Susanne Regina Meures

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