Glass, My Unfulfilled LifeRogier Kappers

In the course of seven years, Rogier Kappers films himself as he strives to achieve the dream he had as a nine-year-old boy: to build an organ from singing glasses and getting rich and famous in the process. With the necessary self-mockery, he meanders between hope, despair and heartache. Because in real life, dreams are not always achievable.

“He always thought he would have it all at 52, but that clearly hasn’t worked out”, is how the ironic voice-over of Rogier Kappers is sounding. Unsure, but indestructibly optimistic he continues on building his dream. An original and humoristic self-portrait in which his failures could turn out to be the key to his success?

Portret Mildly comical Art

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Directed by Rogier Kappers
The Netherlands
2023 94 min.
Subtitles: English


Failure succeeded


Rogier Kappers

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