Hetty Helsmoortel: Missie 2022

In Mission 2022, Hetty Helsmoortel once again delivers a sharp analysis of the past year of science. She does so in her signature style: clear (??? want geen H-woord), humorous and hopeful. As long as it starts with the letter H, Hetty must have thought. She has a gift for explaining complicated things to a large audience in an understandable way. Why was the launch of the James Webb telescope such big news? What impact is the war in Ukraine having on the progress of science? And why is it not a good idea to wear jewelry that blocks 5G rays? You'll find out all that and much more in Mission 2022. The science show you must have seen to fully understand the past year. We bet you'll be gripped with fascination throughout the show.

Science Mildly comical

Vertoond op editie(s) 2023
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