InterceptedOksana Karpovych

Phone calls from Russian soldiers to family and friends were intercepted by the Ukrainian secret service. They give a startling insight into the hearts and minds of the Russian armed force. Some conversations show them to be more human, and some more inhuman, than you could ever suspect. Hard-hitting, haunting, sobering.

"What drives the people who come to war in our country?" Ukrainian director Oksana Karpovych seeks the answer in intercepted phone calls from Russian soldiers to their home front.  The soldiers' confessions about the rape, pillage and torture of Ukrainian civilians and prisoners of war are as shocking as the approval of their loved ones on the other end of the line. This soundtrack of hatred, chauvinism and propaganda is set against images that search for hope after the destruction: reclaimed Ukrainian villages, towns and highways that are slowly filling up with life again.

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International selection

After a rigorous selection process, DOCVILLE nominated ten brand new auteur documentaries that represent what the festival stands for: excellently made documentaries that are not only strong in terms of content, but also have an eye for the visual aspect and therefore deserve a place on the big screen.  The best film will be awarded the Canvas Jury Prize and may start dreaming of an Oscar, because the winner of this competition will be longlisted for the Academy Awards.

War & conflict

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Directed by Oksana Karpovych
2024 93 min.
Ukranian, Russian
Subtitles: English


International selection


Oksana Karpovych


Rocío B. Fuentes, Giacomo Nudi, Pauline Tran Van Lieu, Lucie Rego, Darya Bassel, Olha Beskhmelnytsina

Production company

Les Films Cosmos


Christopher Nunn


Charlotte Tourres

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