Iraq's Invisible BeautySahim Omar kalifa, Jurgen Buedts

Latif al Ani, father of Iraqi photography, portrayed his homeland for more than 30 years. His photographs, taken long before wars would devastate the country, show Iraq as we have rarely seen it. Al Ani fled when Saddam Hussein came to power. Now, at age 86, together with Belgian-Kurdish filmmaker Sahim Omar Kalifa, he traverses his devastated homeland in search of the places he photographed at the time. On this final trip, he shows his photographs to the Iraqis, who cannot believe that the vibrant and prosperous Iraq in the pictures really existed.

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Belgian selection

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Directed by Sahim Omar kalifa, Jurgen Buedts
2023 87 min.
English, French, Arabic
Subtitles: English


Belgian selection


Sahim Omar kalifa, Jurgen Buedts

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