Life Is BeautifulMohamed Jabaly

A young Palestinian filmmaker is invited to a film festival in Norway, but during his stay the border with Gaza closes. He cannot return to his home country, but neither can he stay. A bureaucratic nightmare. With the camera pointed at himself, he tries to hold his identity, story and future in his own hands. A documentary that won the Prize for Best Direction at IDFA.

When director Mohamed Jabaly is invited to a film festival in Norway in 2014, he does not realise he will not return to his native Gaza. He is forced to stay in Norway, but also wants to preserve his identity as a Palestinian and as a filmmaker. He refusess to simply seek asylum as a stateless person or marry for a residence permit, he wants to be recognised for his work. Even after he garners international success with his documentary Ambulance, his work permit as a filmmaker gets denied over and over again. A story about a life put on hold by international politics, violence, rigid bureaucracy, and the unbearable choice of leaving family and friends behind.

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The screening of 24.03 will be followed by an Q&A by the director


Directed by Mohamed Jabaly
2023 93 min.
Arabic, English, Norwegian
Subtitles: English




Mohamed Jabaly


KriStine Skaret, Sarah Winge Sørensen


Mohamed Jabaly


Erland Edenhold

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