Love Etc.Jill Andresevic

Love is ... more complicated than a Hollywood movie. But no less funny, tender or moving. Love Etc. tells five true stories about love. Stories as diverse as New York, the city in which they unfold. An ode to love in all its forms and the ideal film for a first date.

Young or old, straight or gay, single or married ... everyone experiences love and its whims. Love Etc. observes various characters in different stages of love during one year. A portrait that is as colorful as New York itself. From a young childhood love to a decade long marriage, just married to recently divorced. But also a single gay man’s intense desire for a child. The film shows love in all its forms. Recognizable feelings emerge and bring the viewer to discover that the "etc." is perhaps the most important part. A witty and poignant documentary about the universal stages of a theme with many different sides: love.

Love USA

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Jill Andresevic
2010 94 min.
No subtitles


Love Factually


Jill Andresevic

Production company

Alchemy Media Lab, Walnut Hill Media, Isotopefilms


Luke Geissbuhler


Alex Israel, Mary Manhardt

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