Make People BetterCody Sheehy

In late 2018, Chinese scientist He caused a shockwave in the entire scientific community. His experiment had led to the birth of babies whose DNA had been altered by scientists for the first time: he had performed an edit via CRISPR aiming to give the babies immunity to HIV. The international uproar and swift moves by Chinese authorities led to the disappearance of both the scientist and the babies. This documentary thriller traces the trajectory of He’s experiment: did he act alone, or were more people in on it? Who asked questions and who remained silent? 

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The brand-new ScienceVille component is the final piece of an evolution of many years within DOCVILLE, linking the general public's interest in science with quality scientific documentaries. As a full-fledged festival-within-a-festival not only documentaries are screened, but there are many surrounding activities: lectures and workshops for the public, children, filmmakers and scientists, live experiments, an exhibition on Artificial Intelligence ánd we present the National Lottery Award for Best Scientific Documentary. DOCVILLE welcomes you to ScienceVille.

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Directed by Cody Sheehy
United States
2022 83 min.
Subtitles: English




Cody Sheehy


Cody Sheehy, Samira Kiani, Mark Monroe

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