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She was Germany's first female Chancellor and immediately one of the longest-serving ever. She saw no less than four American presidents come and go while at the head of one of Europe's most important countries. But who was Angela Merkel truly? Born and raised in the GDR, she graduated as a scientist and became politically active - even before German unification in 1990 - as one of the few women in a man's world. Her origins and the path she took were the foundation of her political style and the way she dealt with the many crises she had to face. A unique portrait of the woman behind the name.

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The screening of 27.03 will be followed by a Q&A by prof. Martin Kohlrausch (Department of History, KU Leuven)


Directed by Eva Weber
United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany
2022 97 min.
German, English
Subtitles: Dutch




Eva Weber


Eva Weber, Lizzie Gillett, Sonja Henrici, Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær

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