Onder het maaiveld - Junior EditieMark Verkerk

There are countless animals in our soil, a lot more than there are people, yet not everyone knows exactly what they do. Worms, fungi, moles and other critters play an important role in everything that grows and flourishes on earth. More than that, they keep the soil healthy.

In the world above ground, there's plants, insects, mammals and birds, but most importantly, a lot of people. Below us, there's a whole underground world of moles, larvae, worms, fungi, bacteria, woodlice, spiders, centipedes and much more.  Most soil animals are small, but they do great things for nature. In Onder het maaiveld - junior editie, a group of children discover the spectacular world on the other side of the soil, step by step.

Science Nature

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Directed by Mark Verkerk
2023 73 min.
No subtitles

Vanaf 6 jaar


ScienceVille voor Kinderen


Mark Verkerk

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