Onze NatuurMaria Lise Van Lente, Pim Niesten, Dick Harrewijn

You don't have to travel to the other side of the world to be amazed by the wonders of nature. Beautiful images of familiar and less familiar animals in close-by regions tell the hopeful story of Belgium's fragmented nature, which is under pressure, but still manages to survive. An exciting, visually stunning and endearing family film, which immerses young and old in the beautiful world of our nature. 

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The brand-new ScienceVille component is the final piece of an evolution of many years within DOCVILLE, linking the general public's interest in science with quality scientific documentaries. As a full-fledged festival-within-a-festival not only documentaries are screened, but there are many surrounding activities: lectures and workshops for the public, children, filmmakers and scientists, live experiments, an exhibition on Artificial Intelligence ánd we present the National Lottery Award for Best Scientific Documentary. DOCVILLE welcomes you to ScienceVille.

Nature Visually Stunning Dutch

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The screening of 26.03 is followed by an (optional) nature walk in the city


Directed by Maria Lise Van Lente, Pim Niesten, Dick Harrewijn
2022 85 min.
No subtitles


ScienceVille voor Kinderen


Maria Lise Van Lente, Pim Niesten, Dick Harrewijn

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