Patrick and the WhaleMark Fletcher

Patrick Dykstra has 20 years of experience studying whales and feels like he understands them inside and out. Yet he is completely blown off his feet by an intense encounter with a female sperm whale. He returns hoping to meet her again. A breathtaking documentary about the extraordinary bond that can exist between a human and a sperm whale.

After years of experience, Patrick Dykstra knows exactly how to behave around whales, already having had countless close proximity interactions with these unique animals. In 2019, in Dominica, he has an encounter with a female sperm whale that completely throws him off. He gets the overwhelming feeling that she is trying to communicate with him. Intrigued, he returns to the island in search of her and, through stunning underwater footage, reveals the hidden world of her species.

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Directed by Mark Fletcher
2022 72 min.
Subtitles: Dutch




Mark Fletcher

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