Red AfricaAlexander Markov

After their independence in the early 1960s, a load of Soviet ambassadors descends on some young African nations to express their enthusiastic support and offer assistance in the technical, social and cultural development of the country. All under the banner of equality and brotherhood. An extraordinary mosaic film made exclusively with Soviet archival (propaganda) material, a fascinating collage that slowly but surely reveals the underlying objectives of the Red Empire in this friendly invasion.

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Outside the dox

Outside the Dox is home to a wide array of documentaries that deviate from the classic approach. Colorful films that experiment with form or content, broadening and enriching the genre. There are non-narrative films that immerse viewers in a special universe, be it a cowshed or a Russian subway. There are also very creative films that make you think about bigger issues like capitalism in China or the alarming militarization of the US security forces.

Africa Historical documentary

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Directed by Alexander Markov
Russia, Portugal
2022 65 min.
English, Russian
Subtitles: English


Outside the dox


Alexander Markov


Ansgar Shaefer, Rui Ribeiro, Stanislav Poplavskii

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