RuptureZohra Benhammou, Younes Haidar

Every winter, a group of young people from the rough neighbourhood Peterbos in Anderlecht make a trip to the Pyrenees. Rupture follows these youngsters, on the brink of adulthood. During their journey, they slowly detach from their neighbourhood and their surroundings, reflecting on their youth and looking forward to the future.

A group of young adults from Peterbos, an often stigmatised public housing neighbourhood in Brussels, swap their daily lives for the wild and unpredictable nature of the Spanish Pyrenees. For a week, the inexperienced hikers head into the mountains to brave snow and storms. The extreme conditions of the hike force them to reflect on their own lives. Rupture gives insight into the often harsh reality for young migrants on their way to adulthood.



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Belgian selection

DOCVILLE presents the best Belgian documentaries of the past year in a very varied selection: compelling stories about people who live for their passion, whether it be cycling, circuit riding or mermaids, but also socially probing stories about illegal adoption, the dangers of criticism under Putin, the link between jazz and decolonization or the abominable conditions in Vorst prison. Finally, there are also films with a more philosophical angle on the transience of the human body or the impact of imaging. The best film may call itself the winner of the Jury Prize for Best Belgian Documentary.

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Directed by Zohra Benhammou, Younes Haidar
2023 52 min.
French, Arabic
Subtitles: Dutch


Belgian selection


Zohra Benhammou, Younes Haidar


Eveline Welschen

Production company

Vlaams-Brusselse Media vzw


Sébastien Calvez

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