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Did you know that seaweed produces more oxygen than ALL plants and trees on land combined? Did you know that it de-acidifies the oceans and may even be the ultimate solution to the global food shortage problem? In Send Kelp, we follow an enterprising 'seaweed nerd' who single-handedly fights climate change and global food insecurity.

In an attempt to save the ecosystem of her favourite swimming spot, Canadian Frances Wallace, a self-proclaimed 'seaweed nerd' decides to set up her own seaweed farm. But to bring that project to fruition, she needs the help of scientists, wild harvesters and entrepreneurs who know the tricks, and more importantly the challenges, of the trade. Together with Frances, we discover the beautiful underwater world of this pioneering organism, which could very well change the world. Not only are the images breathtaking, but the filmmakers also managed to capture the unique sounds of seaweed.

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The screening 26.03 will be followed by an (optional) seaweed tasting


Directed by Blake Mcwilliam
2023 88 min.
No subtitles




Blake Mcwilliam

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