TesterepVincent Langouche

A team of scientists investigates the missing island of Testerep on the Belgian coast. As the scientists try to unravel the mysteries of the island, they ponder the symbiotic relationship between people, technology and our temporal landscape.

Testerep was a peninsula that lay off the Belgian coast (near Ostend) until the Middle Ages and was eventually swallowed up by the sea. Based on the disappeared peninsula, the documentary wants to examine how we as people view and study the world. The Testerep research project combines an impressive amount of different types of data collection and analysis; from our eyes and hands (excavations) to technological extensions for our senses (LIDAR, sound and magnetic waves...). In this way, the film makes the link between people and technology, past and future.

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Directed by Vincent Langouche
2024 15 min.
Subtitles: Dutch, English


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Vincent Langouche


Nina Payrhuber, Mark Daems, Bram Crols


Jérôme Demeyere

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