The Amazing Johnathan DocumentaryBenjamin Berman

Director Ben Berman rejoiced when he heard about The Amazing Johnathan, a magician with a terminal illness who just kept on living. After all, every documentary filmmaker dreams of the perfect story about a perfect character. But nothing is what it seems in this meta-documentary about truth and illusions, as well as how to deal as a filmmaker with a subject who just won't listen.

In 2014, the well-known illusionist The Amazing Johnathan was given the verdict: due to an incurable heart condition, he only had six months to live. Johnathan, best known for his extreme stage acts and lifestyle, is forced to stop performing. But three years later he is still alive and even making a comeback. Intrigued, director Ben Berman starts working on a documentary about the illusionist. But apparently he's not the only one. Soon several other film crews show up wanting to follow Johnathan. As he continues filming, Berman asks himself more and more questions. Is the story about the disease correct? Or will he fall for an extreme stunt by the illusionist? And are his own methods and motives as a documentary maker actually correct? A dizzying spiral around themes such as truth and illusion - in life and during filmmaking - and the ultimate question: who is actually deceiving whom?

Portret Mildly comical Remarkable stories USA

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Directed by Benjamin Berman
2019 92 min.
No subtitles


Failure succeeded


Benjamin Berman

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