The Biggest Little FarmJohn Chester

Farming differently, dealing with nature differently. Many people talk about it, but actually applying it is not easy. John and Molly try to fulfil their dream: operating a real biodiverse farm with respect for animals and nature. No monocultures, but dozens of fruit and vegetable varieties that crisscross the field, a precarious balance between animal, man and nature.

Cameraman John Chester and his wife Molly live in a small apartment in Los Angeles. Molly is a culinary reviewer and chef and has been dreaming for years about starting a sustainable farm where she can grow her own products. Their new roommate, the endearing dog Todd, gives them a nudge in the right direction and they decide to turn their dream into reality. With the help of investors, they buy a piece of land outside the city. The arid land is grown according to an ingenious system and with the arrival of pigs, ducks and chickens, their dream slowly comes true. It is not always easy, many things go wrong and they are confronted with unruly natural phenomena. But they also discover that the solution to many setbacks can just be found in the power of nature, for example in the fight against pests. This hopeful documentary, spanning a period of 8 years, is full of breathtaking images of landscapes and animals, including Emma, ??the pig that will undoubtedly steal your heart.

Ecology Economy Dutch spoken or subtitled

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by John Chester
2018 91 min.
Subtitles: Dutch




John Chester

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FarmLore Films


John Chester


Amy OverbeckAmy Wilson


Jeff Beal

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