The Hunt for Planet BNathaniel Kahn

Is there an alternative to Earth should it become unlivable due to human activity? With the development of the James Webb Telescope, astronomy has a fantastic new tool to study the universe. A special look at the capabilities of this amazing technological instrument as well as the people who operate it. Some female scientists collaborate in the search for a new earth, a search that inevitably also reflects on our place in the universe and the way we treat our earth.

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The brand-new ScienceVille component is the final piece of an evolution of many years within DOCVILLE, linking the general public's interest in science with quality scientific documentaries. As a full-fledged festival-within-a-festival not only documentaries are screened, but there are many surrounding activities: lectures and workshops for the public, children, filmmakers and scientists, live experiments, an exhibition on Artificial Intelligence ánd we present the National Lottery Award for Best Scientific Documentary. DOCVILLE welcomes you to ScienceVille.

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The screening of 26.03 will be led by Prof. Bart Vandenbussche (Astronomy, KU Leuven) who will explain more about Earth 2.0 and how a Leuven experiment will go into space in 2024. Afterwards, everyone is welcome to look at the stars


Directed by Nathaniel Kahn
United States
2021 93 min.
No subtitles




Nathaniel Kahn


Nathaniel Kahn, Bonnie Hlinomaz

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