The Kyiv FilesWalter Stokman

In 2017, the former KGB archive was made publiv in Kiev. For the first time in decades, Ukrainians were able to look into their personal file and answer questions that haunted them for years. 

Just like many Ukranians, filmmaker Walter Stokman takes a deep dive into old archives. Using three specific case studies, he tries to shed light onto the past of the Russian secret service, its scope and methods. In doing so he tells the story of Regine, a française who fell madly in love with a young man turning out to be an informant. Stokman doesn’t only unveil the vast network of the secret service, but also the paranoia and constant mistrust marking this period. The consequences of that paranoia on the contemporary political climate get a special place in his documentary as well.

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After a rigorous selection process, DOCVILLE nominated ten brand new auteur documentaries that represent what the festival stands for: excellently made documentaries that are not only strong in terms of content, but also have an eye for the visual aspect and therefore deserve a place on the big screen.  The best film will be awarded the Canvas Jury Prize and may start dreaming of an Oscar, because the winner of this competition will be longlisted for the Academy Awards.

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Directed by Walter Stokman
The Netherlands
2023 79 min.
Dutch, French, Ukrainian
Subtitles: English


International selection


Walter Stokman

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