The Price of EverythingNathaniel Kahn

What determines if something is great art? The emotions it evokes? The technical ability of an artist? Or the amount for which a work can be sold? The contemporary art world has also become a part of the consumer society, where everything has a price. An amazing exposé on the question that applies to our entire society: does something have an intrinsic value?

With his shredding stunt, Banksy recently poked fun at the commercial art world of which he is now also a member. Auctions and collectors who buy art purely as an investment have changed the art world. With the collaboration of many contemporary artists and important actors from the art world, Oscar-nominated director Nathaniel Kahn brings a disorienting documentary. Disorienting because his disconcerting exposé holds up a mirror about our contemporary values ??and norms. Does something have an intrinsic value? Is the best artist also the one who sells the most? Are the most expensive works of art the best? What defines real art? Immerse yourself in the complex world of contemporary art where everything is for sale and where artistic passion is calculated.

Art Economy

Vertoond op editie(s) 2019
Screened at edition(s) 2019


Directed by Nathaniel Kahn
2018 98 min.
No subtitles




Nathaniel Kahn

Production company

Hot&Sunny Productions / Anthos Media


bob Richman


Sabine Krayenbuhl


Jeff Beal

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